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Link Collection

What is this?
This is a collection of links to websites, services and other online media that I personally enjoy using, especially (but not exclusively) those that seek to de-bloat the web, present alternatives to large commercial (dis)services or present specific information in a traditional Hypertext manner.
As you know, I am a big fan of what the internet used to be before the commercial takeover and before endless scrolling and algorithms for user personalization tainted it.
These sites tend to bring that feeling back, at least a little.

These are all websites I have personally used and decided I was happy with them. I am sorting all website entries alphabetically.

Category: Alt Social Media/Fediverse

This is for social media sites that appeal to me in philosophy or usability.

Category: Interesting

This is for websites that contain interesting niche information or might introduce you to a new hobby.

Category: Useful Web Gadgets

Interactive web pages that allow you to create all kinds of cool things with them.

Category: Good Technology

Technology I support: free software, free hardware, hacky projects, privacy tools.

Category: Nostalgia/Retro Web

This is for websites that are not particularly fit for another category, but do have a retro style that throws you back to the 90s.

Category: Other Link Lists

This is for link lists and indexes other than this one. I have obviously not tested all of the links they link to, so proceed with caution.